We carry out workshops of different types, they can complement your magic performance by making your act integral, young people and children will have a complete memory, in addition to taking the illusion of a magic game that they can make themselves at home.

All the workshops we offer come with all the material included, only in cases of a large group of students a supplement could be charged, although you will always be informed in advance in the budget offered.

Our workshops have a duration of one hour, even they can be extended or shortened to the time that is necessary for your event.

Magic workshops

We do magic workshops for all ages, in them the participants will have to make a craft and then make an amazing magic trick with it. Depending on the age and number of children we will use different materials to find the most appropriate activity for them.

For this activity we only need a large table so that all children have space to do the activity.

There is no minimum age, because if the children are very young, we prepare an activity according to them and in any case the parents can always help them, and on the other hand we always have enough tools to teach the most advanced children in this wonderful magic art.

Ballons sculpture workshops

In this workshop children will learn how to make small and large figures with Qualatex 240-Q moldable balloons, these are elongated colored balloons that allow them to be folded creating amazing figures for children.

For an hour children can make figures such as dogs, rabbits, parrots, monkeys, flowers, swords, hats, etc.

Children love not only to have these figures but also try to make them themselves, making fantastic figures that will be their best toy.

Juggling Workshops

For a while the children will learn different types of juggling and how to use them. We will work the juggling with: balls, diabolo, poi, maces, plate, devil’s stick, spinning tops, spinners, magnetic tops, lights, hoops … etc.

Again, this workshop has neither minimum nor maximum age. Everyone is welcome to play and have fun with the balance and juggling that we have.

Workshops of painting faces

And obviously at any party you can not miss a workshop of painting faces, it is the quintessential animation and all the children are waiting for it.

Children can choose what character they want to be and ask our staff to transform them through the painting in the prince or the superhero of their dreams.

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