We work under the protection of the educational services company Crea&Educa. A team of professionals dedicated to educational and leisure centers to offer exclusively artistic activities (both scenic and plastic) to develop artistic skills in childhood and youth into an educational environment of creative freedom and leisure.

The activities offered by Crea&Educa are: Magic, dance, theater, circus, musical theater, crafts, storytelling-puppets and performing arts.

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About the activities…

Mastering techniques and magical resources will make the student prepared to face better problems and interpersonal relationships.
The magic games are based on a secret that the students will have to keep, this fact provides a great empathy and relationship with the team of monitors establishing a great connection that will allow to work as a great magical team.

The shame and nerves are the first to leave, since we not only perform a magical theoretical work but also a part of the practice of magic games and exposure to the rest of the students constantly.

In the sessions they are the protagonists, making some magic games in which each one forges their own style, with creativity, passion and perseverance.

The goal is for students to learn the basic knowledge of magic, theatrical techniques and proper juggling so that they can perform their hand games with creativity in fornt of an audience.

Magic is the oldest art we know, since ancient Egyptians practiced magic, it is a universal language that connects the different aspects of art and science. Mix techniques of cinema, theater, music, dance, juggling … it is the most complete and international art.

It is also a fun activity that transports us to other worlds of illusion and fantasy, allows us to let go our imagination and fly in a magical moment.

For the child, each magic game is a discovery that allows him to develop in public, work on his creativity and his manual and physical skills. Many times the deception is in a distraction or in a component more artistic than technical, the student will solve these situations learning how to communicate with the public.

With the help of a professional magician, the little wizards will learn different magical disciplines, such as: proximity magic, cards magic, cardistry, magic with coins, close-up magic, among others.

At the end of the course, students will have learned hundreds of magic tricks, have the physical skills to do them, and they will be able to do them without the need for magic gimmicked objects, but with everything that surrounds them; and most importantly, they will have the ability to speak and show them in public.

Why offering this activity?

The magic is undoubtedly, the growing art at this time, many television programs broadcast great magicians of which the students have knowledge.
  We are in one of the most important world points of magic, having a staff of international professional magicians available to everyone, schools are the perfect education ecosystem for magic beyond the arts offered by schools such as music or plastic arts.

Very few schools offer their students magic shows, even knowing how it stimulates, surprises and motivates them. But even fewer schools have the possibility of offering a magic after school activity. Your school may be one of the first ones to build a magical school movement and form the next international magicians.

Families value this activity very positively as it is innovative and is not what they see in other activities. Students and parents are very motivated throughout the course since the activity does not end when the class ends, they practice every day at home, so it is a cross-sectional learning that involves the whole family.

The benefits for students are multiple:

  • They analyze situations better and learn to be less compulsive, measuring their actions so magic tricks are not exposed.
  • They learn to express themselves in front of an audience and lose their fear, improving communication.
  • Learning with large motivational doses, with a variable curriculum based on the needs of each group and each student.
  • We learn complementary disciplines such as theater or juggling, as well as compulsory subjects such as language, mathematics or social sciences, through mathematical magic tricks, history of magic and themed games.
  • Strengthens their motor skills, both manually, as a result of the crafts we do, as postures and body expression.

And especially because the school, students and families have a fun, magical space full of illusions; sometimes forgetting the heavy or difficult times of learning and the day to day school routine.

Course Theme

Throughout the extracurricular course of magic, students will gain basic knowledge of illusionism and some techniques related to magic.

They will learn:

1.) Close Magic: Magic games with small objects, cards, rubber bands, coins, everyday objects….

2.) Hall Magic and Stage Magic: Magic with objects and presentations in rooms and family magic.

3.) Juggling: Techniques necessary for mobility and agility of the body and hands

4.) Maths magic: Magic games with math principles, so they learn magic and science at the same time, in addition in a fun way.

5.) Theater and staging: Each magic game will be rehearsed taking into account the audience, such as addressing to them, the voice and its tones and methods of control and distraction the attention of the spectators

6.) History of Magic: Visualization and knowledge of the great magicians and their most famous games.

7.) Crafts: With the support of Manetes, plastic expression center, we have created magic games so that they are also a plastic activity, personalized and adapted to the students.

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