Are you looking for the most special magic for the most special day of your lives? Do you want to surprise your guests with the best magic?

We have the best shows for your happiest day. We can do proximity magic during the welcome or cocktail of the guests, so when they arrive they will enter into an unique magical atmosphere. In addition magic unites people and makes the guests get to know each other, and keeping everyone united in the magical moment of marriage, which you have dreamed so much. If you prefer, the proximity magic can be in the desserts or coffee moment.

On the other hand we also have magic shows focused on children. The ideal time for those is after the banquet, children usually finish eating before adults do, and that is time to entertain them and make the party run normally, and they will also have their special time. It is also a family activity, so everyone present who wants to approach the magical stage will enjoy.


We also perform ceremonies for your perfect link.

If you don’t like classical ceremonies or want to do something different, this is your chance. We can act as master of your wedding ceremonies. From the beginning of your event to the end. From the reception of the guests, the ceremony and also proximity magic during the event …

We perform them anywhere and under your strict conditions, we will arrange a meeting to see what are the specific experiences of your relationship to include them in the ceremony.

We include magic games in the ceremony, created specially for you, with your experiences as a couple. You, and the guests you decide, will be the protagonists.

You can choose the type of ceremony: legal, religious, natural, Buddhist, sand, etc …

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