Do not miss the closest magic, the one that reaches your hands and your heart. Let yourself be seduced by magic because in this show you are the protagonist. The interaction with the public is constant, without the viewer, there is no magic. You can touch all the small objects and cards with which we make this show.

Highly recommended for weddings, communions, baptisms or birthdays.

This magic is focused on a family-adult audience. Being the adults the protagonists of the tricks and those who will remember magical stories of surprising impossible events that will happen less than a meter away.

It is recommended for more disorganized events in which there is no space for the show, but that the show is itinerant, or at a party where people move around the entire venue, because we can bring our magic to all the people present and everyone live it first hand.

Also in this type of shows there is no time limit, you can hire the time you need, it can be half an hour or an entire afternoon. It can be a good way to serve your guests, to relax the atmosphere and surprise them during the cocktail or the welcome of your event. Or when it’s all over, to finish a lunch or dinner with a little magic in desserts. Topping off a special night.

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