Are you looking for a show for your event? Do you want to make an impression at your party? Do you want your guests to enjoy your event even more? Or … Do you just love magic?

We offer animation solutions for all your events, whatever the reason for your celebration!
We adapt to your space and time needs and we can customize any detail of the show.

We perform in party rooms, bars, theaters, on the street, squares … anywhere!
Add a magic touch and make a difference.

Magic shows are always a good option to make an impression and attract more public to your event. It is also a good time for people to get distracted, laugh and have a fun time.

We can also make magic games for sweepstakes, competitions, presentations, awards ceremonies … everything you can think of. The important thing is that the magic reaches all audiences and give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your event.

Our magic shows can be of many formats and for different audiences.
We do not need a stage or a great assembly for our show. On the ground or on stage we can impress you. The company always brings the installation of the sound system so that there is music and a microphone system so those attending the show do not miss any detail. In addition, our systems are portable with batteries, so we do not even require a socket, thus facilitating the installation and mobility of all our tools in the right location for your event.

We also carry a stage curtain so that we can hide all our magical gadgets and prepare the show without the attentive gaze of the spectators.

In all our shows the Magician Àlex will be accompanied by one or several assistants and technicians so that during the course of the activity, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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