In this type of party, what we usually do is a show with an approximate duration of one hour, usually without reaching the hour, even so the duration of the show depends totally on the disposition of the public and its constant participation.

The show is aimed at all types of audiences both adults and children from 5 years old. We adapt to any type of terrain and situation. The company handles all types of installation, assembly and material.

It is the fantastic opportunity for both young and old to have that unforgettable memory of that special day you want to celebrate. Whether it is in a restaurant, at home, in a theater, outdoors, a park… etc.

Magic for communions, magic for birthdays, magic for children, magic for schools, magic for family parties, magic for baptisms, magic for events, magic for EVERYTHING!

In this type of party we also offer a workshop service, there are four possibilities for this option:

  • Ballon sculpture workshop (with qualatex 260-Q balloons) consists of teaching children to make different figures with long moldable balloons and that they themselves make them and then play with the figures made. It has nothing to do with clowns.
  • Workshop of painting faces, where they or us can paint all that they want.
  • Magic workshop in which children will make a small craft that will allow them to make an amazing magic trick.
  • Juggling workshop, learn and play balances with clubs, balls, poi, plate … Etc.

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