Do you own or manage a bar, restaurant or party room? Do you organize performances in your local or company? Do you want a magic show in your bar?

For all that and more, here we are! We offer a complete show of several hours, flexible and adaptable to your location and characteristics of the event. If you organize normal performances or shows in your premises we are the perfect option to complement your offer to your customers. If you have never set up anything like that, don’t worry, if you think that your business needs a change or that you can offer an extra service, we will be by your side. With our magical show you will be able to attract new customers, build loyalty, grow as a business and earn important commissions.
Contact us without any commitment and we will inform you of all the details.

Do you have a stand at a fair and need to attract public for your business? Do you need to promote a product or launch your brand? Do you need your event to be special?

Our magic shows and tricks are ideal for your business events. The magic attracts attention and with our magic you will attract that audience that you want to hook to your brand or to your new product. You only need them to come to you and listen to you, and that’s what we offer !

With our proximity magic show you can get the attention of all potential customers that are close to your business or stand, we can also place your product in a magic game or make a narrative or story of a magic trick related to your brand , in this way when they reach you they will already have an idea of what you offer and they will be interested.

If your business is a hairdresser, bar, cosmetic center, aesthetics or any other and you want to give a gift to your customers this is your opportunity.

We offer packs with a large assortment of magical and fun products at reduced prices for business, you decide how much you want to spend and we will customize the product assortment with you. You can raffle the pack at Christmas, New Year’s Eve, end of the season, birthday/party of your business and without a doubt making money.

Doing so is so easy, you just have to sell participation numbers in the raffle of the pack at the price you want, you decide what you spend and also what you earn! When you have sold half of the numbers they will only be benefits and the lucky person will be a loyal customer very grateful.

Contact us for more information !

Are you a showman – sellerman ? Do you like fairs? Are you looking for new business opportunities and/or stock?

From our store we offer you the opportunity to open yourself to the world of fairs by providing you with the right stock for trade shows, marketing training for fairs, flyers and promotional material. If you are already a trader and you believe that your product can be merged with our brand or part of it, we will be at your disposal for collaborations, sharing stands or new projects. Contact us for more information.

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